What Value Do We Bring to Our Clients?

It is a common occurrence for businesses to be too focused internally on their products and processes that they lose sight of what their customers really want. At ThinkInsight, we will be the third party to help unlock that understanding. We are objective, no bias, just results! Through our expertise and experience, we help clients to not only collect high quality data but to also utilize the generated research insights to make high impact decisions within their organizations. Our clients report improved revenues, increased customer retention and growth, better targeted marketing and sales strategies, improved existing products, opportunity to create new ones and improved customer satisfaction.


We are a market/Design research and management consulting company based in nairobi, kenya and working across africa.

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Why Us?
  • Team Expertise: We are experts in our field having worked previously with reputable organizations across Africa. Our combined sector experience is in varied sectors including: financial services, agriculture, Financial/Agricultural-technology, media, marketing and advertising, behavior change communication, e-learning, health and refugee services; and across various countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal , Mozambique and USA.


  • Capacity: Our core team consists of 5 research/innovation, data and project management specialists.. We also have a pre-qualified team of consultants and other suppliers that we contract when required depending on the demands of the project. These include among others, sector experts, enumerators, quality control assistants and data analysts.



  • Access to varied data collection and analysis tools/technologies: Including via-mobile data collection, small and big data analysis tools


  • Strict quality control procedures: both during fieldwork and data processing guaranteeing high quality data


  • Our focus on customer centricity: We strongly believe that this is now the “age of the customer” and that organizations that will succeed are those that truly understand and engage with their customers in meaningful ways. Our commitment therefore is to help organizations to be customer-centric in the design and delivery of their products/services.
Who we Support

Marketing Teams

Even the most thought-out media plan by the most practiced marketing teams will miss the mark if the target customer is not well understood. They will spend lots of money pursuing the wrong customer segment and drafting marketing messages that do not resonate. At ThinkInsight, we will help you understand your customer base (and segment/profile them even further) to give you in-depth customer insights that will help you formulate and execute a brilliant marketing strategy that is in tune with the target customer.

Product Research/M&E Teams

Often times, businesses incur lots of costs developing and delivering products/services that do not translate to any sales. We will conduct in-depth research to help you understand customer needs and to help you learn how customers perceive, interact with and use your product/service. We will also test concept and prototype ideas and the insights we will gather will help you to develop/re-design, position and message your products/services in a way that will guarantee market success.

Business Development/Investment Teams/ Start-Ups

An investment will be risky if the business development team relies on quantitative market studies and business plans that do not take into consideration the opinion of customers or the beneficiary group (in the case of non-profits). At ThinkInsight, through our qualitative research approaches, we will help you to better assess the viability of your venture by giving you insights about the nature and level of demand from the customer’s perspective.

Meet the Team

Caroline Mwende: Founder/ Lead

Caroline is a research and innovation specialist with vast experience and expertise in the field of research, project management and strategy design. Before founding the company, she worked and consulted independently for a number of organizations across Africa managing a vast number of research and design projects.

Raphael Mwangi: Field Manager

Raphael is a seasoned researcher with 10 years’ experience and expertise managing fieldwork/data collection projects across Africa using various data collection tools including PAPI, CAPI and CATI. He has worked with a number of reputable market research companies managing research projects for leading brands in the region.

David Atika: Statistician/ Data analyst

David has over 7 years experience in data analysis. He has a Bsc in statistics and an MA in monitoring evaluation

Angelina Ndung’u: Qualitative Interviewer

Angelina is a project management and research professional with over 4 years experience managing field research activities. Her sector experience includes refugee services, digital reading and ICT.

Jidraph Njuguna: Lead Data Scientist

Jidraph has over 8 years’ experience in data science, algorithm development, machine learning and modelling. He has worked in a wide range of projects utilizing his mathematical, statistical and programming skills to collect, process, and drive business insights from big data. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Operations Research focusing on Statistical Process Control and Big Data Analysis

Pre-qualified suppliers

We also have a pre-qualified pool of consultants and other suppliers that we contract when required depending on the demands of the project. These include among others, sector experts and enumerators

Contact us



Please contact us:

Email: info@thinkinsightconsulting.co.ke

Website: www.thinkinsightconsulting.co.ke

P.O Box 22487-00505, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 727-796-267

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